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Senior Python Developer


We are looking for a new colleague to work in a role on the intersection of all our teams. He/she will deal with a wide range of requirements impacting our daily working lives, from automating repetitive tasks, thru implementing mathematical models, to visualization tools for big data. We’re looking for a programmer who is proficient in Python and great at problem-solving, who isn’t afraid of Shell scripts, and can set up and run a database. We’re looking for enthusiasm, responsibility, autonomy and experience and we’re ready to offer the same ourselves. 




Palác Špork, 3.patro,

Hybernská 1034/5,

110 00 Praha 1

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Senior Python Developer
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At Qminers, we develop an algorithmic trading system that trades completely autonomously on 4 continents, 24/7. Our business is based on smarts, optimization, precise problem formulation and careful statistics, and sometimes arbitrage, which as everyone knows doesn’t exist. We’re huge fans of technology and free markets, and we believe that if our software makes markets better for everyone, we’ll benefit from that too.

What can you expect from this job

  • Extremely interesting work in algo-trading - from library and framework development thru data analytics to realtime monitoring implementation.
  • Python, Bash, databases, Docker (Podman), distributed computing, integration with third party tools
  • Design and implementation of in-house solutions used to automate our daily needs
  • Access to all the technical stuff going on at Qminers
  • The opportunity to have a direct influence on the direction our entire development
  • An outstanding team of people with a passion for working on a common project
  • Superior basic salary and highly motivating bonuses based on personal impact within Qminers.

What we expect from you

  • First-class knowledge of Python, Bash and Linux, and the ability to understand and use a variety of tools
  • Excellent logical reasoning
  • Experience of development going beyond a single team and of managing a wider agenda
  • Independence and accountability for work done
  • Willingness to deal with all technical problems and the ability to intervene when necessary
  • University technical degree (may be waived in the event of sufficient work experience)
  • Fluency in Czech and B2 level English

We like to give people room to realize their potential and have a direct impact on results. We like to have results reasonably fast, both in terms of development and runtime. We spend most of our time thinking, discussing what the best solution is, and coding. We see each other in the office 4 days a week, but we don’t set fixed timetables.

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Are you an experienced quant? A programmer with a passion for C++ or Python? Or are you a recent graduate with a specialization in data? We’re always keen to hear from you!
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