Charity is in our DNA

Our work is hard, interesting and very rewarding. But we don’t live by work alone. We’re fully aware that we’re not alone in the world, that some people are less fortunate than others, and that there are major inefficiencies in every system. We take an active interest in what’s going on around us, and we have long given over ten percent of our profits to charity. We see this as a civic duty and as a given in a developed society. We motivate our employees to become actively involved in philanthropy, and some take on the role of project ambassadors.

Qminers Foundation

We give over ten percent of our profits to a good cause every year


Math for Czechia

We return
math to Czechia

More about Math for Czechia
In order to help effectively, in 2023 we consolidated all our philanthropic activities under the newly established Qminers Foundation. In addition to supporting existing projects that benefit society as a whole, the Foundation will focus primarily on a project called Math for Czechia. We are people who have built our success on profound knowledge of mathematics. We don’t forget our roots and we have a special place in our hearts for math.

What we care about

Supporting education and smart schools
Math for Czechia helps math teachers
We care about the Czech countryside
Dignified old age and care for mental health

Where our help goes

Our partners

Our corporate philanthropy focuses on two areas. First, we support an array of causes in the fields of ecology, culture, education, mental health care and social services. The second area is supporting education with a view to improving teaching conditions and making a positive difference to the Czech education system for pupils and teachers alike.
  • Working with a team of experts, this non-profit organization has developed new courses for school teachers and principals that greatly improve children’s learning.

  • Preventive care and treatment for mental health issues has become a part of everyday life in modern societies.

  • Czechia has a shortage of around 6,000 teachers. This project is designed to help anyone who is interested to start teaching.

  • This organization is building a network of non-state Czech nature reserves connected by bio-corridors.

  • An endowment fund that works with experts, teachers and parents to foster efforts to bring about systemic change in education.

  • Discover is a project that brings together a community of people who want to look for answers to the world’s big questions and challenges.

  • This project creates a continuous learning network for teachers, transforming the teaching of physics, chemistry, math and digital technologies.

  • Sue Ryder aims to change attitudes towards care for the elderly in Czechia. It centers its service on the key role of case managers.

Global teacher prize

We support awards for math teachers

We are a proud partner of the prestigious Global Teacher Prize Czech Republic. We instigated a new category to honor the best math teachers. The Global Teacher Prize helps boost the prestige of the teaching profession and set teaching standards. With help from the public, it seeks out and honors inspiring teachers at primary and secondary schools across Czechia.

Qminers and AI

We’re part of the AI community

For us, AI is a combination of mathematics, optimization and programming. We have an entire department dedicated to machine learning. We’re an important partner of the association, and in 2023 we became general sponsor of the AI Days event. Founded in 2019 by a group of academics from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Charles University and the Academy of Sciences, has long contributed to harnessing the innovative potential of Czech companies.

We cooperate with universities

We know where we come from

Quality education is a prerequisite for building a team of exceptionally smart people. Fortunately, Czech universities offer an ideal environment for this.

That’s why we have chosen university departments to support, both financially and with lectures giving an insight into our experiences. Right now, we financially support the Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics at the Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the Department of Computer Science at the Czech Technical University in Prague and the UPE organization for exceptional students at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

  • We help bring together Qminers and the future IT elite. We are a regular presence at the COFIT careers fair.

  • We’re a member of the Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Partnership Program. And why not, when 80% of our employees graduated from there. Find us at Company Days.

  • We hold a biennial Qminers Quant Hackathon with the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We organize the competition, prizes and the event as a whole.

  • We sponsor the Czech branch of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, which brings together the best IT students. We help organize the event and lightning talks.


Tereza Špalková

Project Manager
Are you interested in our charity work? Do you want to find out more about Math for Czechia and maybe even get involved? Write to us! We currently also support educational, environmental, mental health care and dignified aging projects.