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Algorithmic trading

We develop software for algorithmic trading

For us, markets are places for fair exchange and ways to make the world a better place, not just a mathematical money-making game. We offer a Central European base for first-class professionals. Being passionate advocates of technology and free markets, we believe that when our software improves markets for everyone, we all benefit.
What our work is about

At home at Qminers

  • A space where talent flourishes

    Our office has won design awards, but above all it’s a space made for focused solo work and team-based brainstorming. We’re all crazy about mathematics, machine learning, high-quality and compelling code, data models and algorithms.

  • Brainstorming over breakfast

    Every Friday, we get scrambled eggs, sweet pastries and fruit delivered, while lunches are delivered from Monday to Thursday. Fresh fruit juices, premium coffee and even ice cream are available all week long. We hold technical and conceptual meetings and deep dives on challenging problems in conference rooms or, if possible, on our roof terrace.

  • Regular trips to the mountains

    At least twice a year, we put on our hiking boots and rucksacks and head off for some beautiful countryside. We’ve been to the Tatra Mountains and the Dachstein range. We love active lifestyles, but we won’t force you if it’s not your thing. If you’d rather just soak up the sunshine on a sun lounger, that’s fine by us.


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How we work

There aren’t many places where you can have fun with science

Meritocracy is in our DNA. The best ideas, solutions and arguments always win. We set great store by having a welcoming, close-knit team, where nobody’s afraid to speak their mind and everyone has the satisfaction of making a measurable contribution.

Each one of us is an expert at the top of his or her field. Learning from each other is hugely satisfying. We’re transparent, and we share knowledge and key information. We don’t pretend that we’re not in this to make money, but money isn’t the be-all and end-all.

It often happens that what is just an idea one day is implemented the next. We’re not into drawn-out approval procedures or presentations. The main reason we can move so fast is that we don’t keep employees in strictly defined boxes.

We use hybrid work arrangements that let us work wherever we are. Leave allowance increases the longer you stay, reaching 7 weeks’ leave. It’s important for us that people enjoy working here. We have high standards, but we can kick back as well.

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Our team

An exceptional team of like-minded people

We employ first-class professionals. We have people from Cambridge and Oxford, talented mathematicians and physicists, as well as excellent programmers. If you're used to being the best at what you do, you belong with us.
Our team