A diverse team of outstanding mathematicians and programmers

Who are we looking for?

Most of the team at Qminers are analysts or developers. Want to join us? Find out how each team operates.

Team ANA


Analysts build price models and devise and analyze execution strategies. We tackle problems through mathematical statistics, and we view modeling as a rigorous craft.
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Team DEV


We program in Python and C++. Our Python programmers keep our entire research environment up and running. C++ programmers take care of the algorithm that trades on global markets.
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How do we work?

If there’s one thing that characterizes us, it’s precision.

We log and debug everything; every conclusion has to be reproducible; we dive deep. We rely on each other; each one of us is aware of his/her strengths and limits. You don’t have someone looking over your shoulder the whole time.

How do we make decisions?

Everyone has ownership of a problem.

We use proof-of-concepts, intuition, and brainstorming to decide on future actions; we use data and facts to describe the past without guessing or speculating. We’re not afraid of making decisions, we don’t put them off and we take full responsibility for them.

What do we care about?

We care about the impacts of our business.

We don’t play the markets just for the sake of it. We never exploit a poorly designed environment. We don’t mine money without creating value for anyone. It has to be clear why the market brings value and how we bring value to the market.

We are currently looking for

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Senior Python Developer

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Full-time | PRAGUE

Junior Python Developer

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Full-time | PRAGUE

C++ Developer

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You enjoy math or logic puzzles, and you used to love taking part in Math Olympiads. A job that can be described as a continuous IQ test is a challenge you can’t resist. You appreciate a scientific environment functioning in a successful business. For programmers, we’re looking for someone who can figure out how to translate a mathematical model into an algorithm and then goes ahead and implements it.

We strive for sustainable growth – sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. We grow organically, so that newcomers are taken care of at all times, so that new people have a good onboarding experience and become effective team members as soon as possible. We’ve been able to grow in every respect, whether that’s the number of people we employ, the scope and reach of our product, or our revenues – and that applies ever since we founded the firm. We’re not about expansion, we’re about conscious growth.

Every one of our employees has a stake in the company in some sense – we call it shadow equity. This ensures that our interests and goals are always aligned. Base salaries are competitive with the market, of course, but it is shadow equity that makes up the lion’s share of loyal employees’ earnings. Our most experienced colleagues now own several percent of the firm.

Interested in working for Qminers?

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Are you an experienced quant? A programmer with a passion for C++ or Python? Or are you a recent graduate with a specialization in data? We’re always keen to hear from you!
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