Our programmers’ job is to convert our analysts’ ideas into a complex C++ algorithm, where every microsecond counts. A short development cycle and instant feedback.. No external customer to please – we do everything our way. We develop the entire data analysis environment in-house, including interactive GUIs.

What we do

Developers are divided into Python and C++

Python developers build and maintain our entire development and research environment. They are essential everywhere – from designing and implementing libraries for analytical work, through developing or modifying prediction models, data management, trading and GUI reporting, to on-site support for colleagues in other teams. In our Python team, we determine efficiency and are key to the performance of just about everyone in the company. Our time-to-delivery is in the order of hours – our morning’s work will run in production that evening.

C++ developers are the heart of our entire business

At Qminers, C++ programmers are responsible for the entire development cycle – from implementing mathematical models, through detecting bottlenecks and reducing latency, to breaking into new markets and understanding their data feed. We don’t focus on speed games, but we do need to have “industry standard” speed, so we need microsecond-level precision in our code, sometimes using FPGAs to do this. A lot of ideas come from our analysts and the code is complex, so knowing what to look at and how to implement the required functionality sustainably is critical.

Development quality comes first

We carefully optimize our code, achieving high reliability through rigorous code review backed by thousands of automated tests and faithful simulations of production trading. We pay heightened attention to the quality of our code, and we continuously fight against technical debt with regular refactoring. Instead of worrying about documentation, we set our sights on innovation – the development cycle is very fast, deploying to production about once a week.

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C++ Developer

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