Petr Filipský

C++ Developer, Team Leader

I graduated with a degree in Software Engineering from Charles University, where I focused primarily on 3D graphics, modeling, and the visualization of volumetric data. During my studies, I was heavily engaged in playing and attempting to program video games, aspiring to turn this passion into a career. However, post-graduation, my career path took a different turn. For many years, I worked on document processing and creation systems for conservative sectors such as banking and insurance. These clients often resisted upgrading software, necessitating backports of fixes to older software versions. From this experience, I learned the critical importance of efficiency from design through to implementation.

I joined Qminers in 2018 with no prior knowledge of algorithmic trading or financial markets. I enjoy the abundant opportunities to learn new things, supported by a team of excellent colleagues. I appreciate the high emphasis placed on efficiency here and the adequate attention it receives. Additionally, I value our agile development cycle; changes move to production swiftly, largely because we operate without external clients, allowing for rapid development and deployment.