Jakub Tesárek

Python Developer, Team Leader

I joined Qminers in February 2024 as the Lead Python Developer. Alongside a team of Python developers, I am responsible for overseeing our technological platform and developing tools for analysts. Prior to this, I was with Alma Career, where I led an R&D team focused on developing internal services, including machine learning-based search functions and big data applications.

Before joining Qminers, I spent eight years at SAP as a Principal Engineer, working specifically on the development of a unified GraphQL API and an automatic document parsing system. I started my career at Shoptet, leading a team of developers and designers in the creation of a new e-commerce platform. At Qminers, I enjoy the diversity of tasks and the collaboration with highly intelligent colleagues. It is important to me that everyone in the company pulls together toward a common goal, fostering a unified team spirit.